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・A front 5-reel mower with the industry's No. 1 cutting width.
・The large-diameter reel units enable cutting long grass.
・The Kubota high displacement turbo engine, large wheel motor, and uniquely designed hydraulic circuit allow for stable operation on slopes.
・The damper installed on the lift cylinder controls the “shaking” of the mower unit.
・The large disc brake improves safety.
・A vertical axis and a horizontal axis are provided for fairway and rough operation, respectively.
・Baroness signature sharp cutting reel and bedknife, based upon Japanese sword making techniques.

 Total length  Roller:317cm Tire:330cm [315cm]
 Total width  368cm[367cm]
 Total height  237cm [236cm](SunShade)
 Weight  1,945kg [1,935kg]
 Engine  Kubota V2403-CR-TE4B 4-cylinder water cooling diesel engine, 2.434L
 43.2kW(58.7PS)/2,400 rpm
 Fuel tank  51L
 Cutting width
  (Mowing width)
 Cutting height
  (Adjusted mowing height)
 17〜68mm [10〜60mm]
 Number of blades  5 [7]
 Speed  Forward:(2WD)0〜15.5km/h (4WD)0〜10.0km/h
 Efficiency  33,280u/h(13.0km/h×width of working×0.8)
[ ],at Fairway

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